Freelance Insurance Management System

Insurance Management System (IMS)

The insurance industry worldwide is facing the challenges of deregulation, consolidation and convergence of financial services. There is today a pressing demand for cutting edge services of insurance business management and enriched customer experiences at a significantly lower cost. An online insurance management system solution helps to solve long-standing time-to-market challenges. A web based insurance management system expertise & solutions can dramatically lower the cost of policy ownership services.

Mekki GHEDIRI : Freelance Web Developer

I committed to serving the needs of the clients providing an insurance technology outsourcing service for the insurance industry. i have an in-depth understanding of the insurance business management with dedicated experts to the insurance practice to furnish to the specific business requirements for the industries. I have developed a conceptual framework for the insurance tracking system, processing flows and other assets that enable a detailed analysis of both the life and non-life sectors.

I offer a robust web based insurance solution, which has the flexibility of customizations to match the specific needs of clients for achieving their business goal of good service and revenue generation. Here are those modules for your insurance business management.

Mekki GHEDIRI : Freelance Web Developer

  • Insurance Policy Administration System
  • Claims Management Systems
  • Insurance Agency Management System
  • Insurance Agents Management System
  • Policy Management System
  • User Management System
  • Endorsements Management System
  • Data import / Export system
  • Policy Registration and Quotations Engine
  • Insurance Administration Management System
  • Insurance Document Management System
  • Insurance Accounting and automation
  • Workflow solutions
  • Business Intelligence